What is EZ

In 1989, at the age of 15, EZ (known at the time as Easy O) started his radio career on a pirate radio station called Dance 93FM playing House music, where he remained for 4 years. In early 1994, EZ set up his own pirate radio station based in Tottenham called Dimension FM, playing mostly Hardcore dance music, Rave music and House music. Dimension FM didn't last long due to being closed down by the authorities. EZ then landed himself a 4 hour Saturday and Sunday morning show from 8am-12pm on another pirate station - Freek 101.8 FM (it was at this time that he changed his name from Easy O to EZ). As EZ started getting more well know he was given extra show time and made a member of the stations management team. EZ then started his own weekly club night called Club Z at the Gas Club in central London. DJ bookings for EZ started to soar and he was playing an average of 4 clubs a night every weekend.

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